Strategic Recording Fund

The Academy of Ancient Music is now more listened to online than any other similar ensemble, and our recordings reach millions of people every year through this medium alone, with data showing that our music is being listened to as far afield as Mexico, Montreal, Tokyo and Taipei.

New ways of consuming music are giving more people around the world more access to music than ever before, and it is vital that AAM makes the very best use of new technology to ensure an online audience has access to our music too. In September 2017, we launched AAM’s Strategic Recording Fund. This will give AAM the financial and artistic flexibility we need to make fast, artistic-led decisions to record anything from just a single movement or an aria to complete works; to create first-rate materials to support our creative learning programme; to respond quickly to artistic priorities and demand for new recordings; and to adapt effectively to a changing marketplace in the consumption of music online.

Our Strategic Recording Fund has already allowed us to record a number of short educational and promotional videos over the past several seasons, and we’re constantly striving to capture our creative output (be it in the rehearsal room, recording studio or concert hall) in order to explore, preserve and reveal the countless treasure troves of early music for future generations.

We need your support
It is important that we now engage strongly and swiftly with the new listeners that online services such as Spotify, YouTube, Deezer and others bring.

Support for the Strategic Recording Fund will make a substantial difference to the Academy of Ancient Music’s artistic output, and will help AAM secure itself as an authority in the performance and understanding of baroque and classical music in the new and vibrant world of online music consumption.

We warmly welcome donations to the Strategic Recording Fund to support an ongoing programme creating important new recordings.

To find out more, contact Liz Brinsdon, Head of Development
01223 341090