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Bach & Burgundy

BACH & BURGUNDY: Stannary St. Wine Co.

Burgundy – perhaps the most fascinating and intriguing wine-producing region of France. Just two grape varieties, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, suggest simplicity, yet the multitude of expressions created by location, small local micro-climates, methods of viniculture and more lead to wines that can be astonishingly complicated and amongst the most sought-after in the world. Pinot Noir –  hauntingly perfumed, silky, complex – creates some of the most sublime wines known to man, and we explore this King of grapes alongside one of the greatest composers to have lived: J. S. Bach.

Bach’s exceptional composition, and in particular his notable skills as a fugue-writer, pay homage to the creation of great Burgundy. Both begin with simple ingredients and a straightforward set of rules – for growing and cultivating; for harmony and counterpoint – yet the mastery of Bach and skill of the top wine-makers can produce something far above the ordinary. Led by “Mr. Burgundy” Jason Haynes of Stannary St. Wines (Burgundy experts, winning IWC’s ‘Burgundy Specialist of the Year), and one of today’s leading Bach interpreters, harpsichordist Jean Rondeau, we’ll sample four wines before our concert, and a further four over dinner afterwards in the company of performers. Great Burgundy, like Bach’s music, has a serious structure, complex interplay of melody and harmony, and once created continues to evolve as we explore it for years to come.

“…one of the most exciting burgundy dealers around.” [The Daily Telegraph]


Jean Rondeau plays Bach

Flamboyant, fun but always thoughtful and sensitive to the music, Jean Rondeau has blazed a trail for the harpsichord, opening the eyes of the world to its technicolour possibilities.

Described by the Washington Post as ‘one of the most natural performers one is likely to hear on a classical music stage these days’, Rondeau has mastered a combination of Baroque discipline and jazz-influenced liberation that makes for enthralling performances that stop you in your tracks.

Rondeau has said that Bach’s music ‘is so full of humility, so generous, that we have the right and the duty to play it, to share it, and to take the hand that he extends to us.’ With his fleet fingers and natural abilities as a communicator, he brings a spirit and relaxed eloquence to his performances that put you in touch with the inherent beauty of Bach’s music.

Jason Haynes - Director & Burgundy Buyer
Concert details
Jason Haynes Director & Burgundy Buyer
Concert dates
Barbican Hall, London
Thursday, 20 February 2020 | 6.30pm
Tickets: £150
Box office: 020 7638 8891