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Laurence Cummings’s first concert as music director of the Academy of Ancient Music puts Haydn’s Creation at the centre of a dazzling immersive vision.
27/10/2021, 28/10/2021
Handel weaves spells, Rameau dances with gods, and Francesco Geminiani creates a whole enchanted forest on this magical history tour with Laurence Cummings and the Academy of Ancient Music.
24/11/2021, 25/11/2021
The Academy of Ancient Music and VOCES8 travel from Rome to Peru, as they trace the remarkable journey of Domenico Zipoli: priest, traveller and composer extraordinaire.
Join the 17th century British composer Nicholas Lanier on a voyage across Europe: a tale of elegance, innovation and simply ravishing sounds.
Exile, elegance and adventure: Laurence Cummings and the AAM follow Joseph Haydn to 18th century London, in a concert of thrilling emotional extremes.