Next events
27/06/2021, 27/06/2021
Gramophone’s 2018 Artist of the Year, Rachel Podger, joins AAM Music Director Richard Egarr for music by Vivaldi, Corelli and Grimani.
The Academy of Ancient Music, led by award-winning violinist Bojan Čičić, present an enchanting sequence of works by Bach, Handel and Rameau, culminating in ‘Summer’ from Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.
Laurence Cummings’s first concert as music director of the Academy of Ancient Music puts Haydn’s Creation at the centre of a dazzling immersive vision.
27/10/2021, 28/10/2021
Handel weaves spells, Rameau dances with gods, and Francesco Geminiani creates a whole enchanted forest on this magical history tour with Laurence Cummings and the Academy of Ancient Music.
24/11/2021, 25/11/2021
The Academy of Ancient Music and VOCES8 travel from Rome to Peru, as they trace the remarkable journey of Domenico Zipoli: priest, traveller and composer extraordinaire.
Join the 17th century British composer Nicholas Lanier on a voyage across Europe: a tale of elegance, innovation and simply ravishing sounds.