Stephen Rose writer & guest speaker

Stephen Rose joined the Royal Holloway Music Department in 2005, previously holding a Research Fellowship at Magdalene College, Cambridge. He specialises music between 1500 and 1750, particularly in German-speaking lands and in England. He has regularly written programme notes for the AAM for the past decade.

Stephen's research focuses on four areas:

  • music-printing, including the circulation, use and symbolic meanings of printed music; he has published seven articles on aspects of musical print culture, and he is Director of Early Music Online, a JISC-funded collaboration with The British Library that has digitised over 320 books of 16th-century printed music.

  • the social history of music: his book The Musician in Literature in the Age of Bach (Cambridge University Press, 2011) uses hitherto overlooked novels to uncover social attitudes towards musicians in Bach's Germany

  • music in cultural exchange, the topic of a collaborative research network with Uppsala University and the Bach-Archiv Leipzig, funded by the Swedish Foundation for International Co-Operation in Research and Higher Education;

  • musical authorship, creativity and subjectivity, a topic to be addressed in his 2013 fellowship from Royal Holloway's Humanities and Arts Research Centre.

Since 2004 he has been Reviews Editor of the Oxford University Press journal Early Music; he serves on the Advisory Council of Bach Network UK; he is a member of the Peer Review College of the Arts and Humanities Research Council; and he is active as an organist and keyboard continuo player.

At Royal Holloway he is Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Music Department; previously he also held the role of Director of Exams.