Bojan Čičić principal second violin

As one of the rising stars of the world of period performance, Bojan Čičić is fast making a name for himself with his sensitive and virtuosic playing. He regularly leads both period and modern orchestras, including groups such as the Budapest Festival Orchestra, le Cercle d'Harmonie, the European Union Baroque Orchestra, and Classical Opera Company. 

He is the leader of Florilegium and La Nuova Musica, and is directing several programmes with the Academy of Ancient Music in 2015.

Recent projects have included a recording of the Brandenburg Concertos with Florilegium, Vivaldi's Summer with the European Union Baroque Orchestra, and his BBC Proms debut alongside Rachel Podger and Kristian Bezuidenhout. He is increasingly busy with his own group, Suonar Cantando, who will perform this year in Ghent, at the Festival de Sablé, and at the Early Music Festival in Utrecht. 

Bojan plays on a violin by Rugieri made around 1680, kindly loaned to him by the Jumpstart Junior Foundation.

In profile

“When I encountered Catherine Mackintosh at a summer school in Croatia, I was galvanized by the contrast between baroque playing and the predominantly Russian style I had grown up with. There is an irresistible sense of play about baroque music-making, which I experience now in my work with Richard Egarr and AAM. I particularly look forward to the forthcoming Monteverdi projects. There is no dissembling in Monteverdi - you don’t have to peel back layers of silk brocade to get to the raw emotion underneath. It’s as refreshing as skinny-dipping in the Adriatic.”

Bojan Čičić's past performances