Eternity’s Sunrise

Tavener, John (1944–2013)

Academy of Ancient Music

Patricia Rozario soprano

Julia Gooding soprano

George Mosely baritone

Andrew Manze violin

Paul Goodwin conductor

Year: 1999
Catalogue: HMU 907231

About this album

“I have so much enjoyed working with the AAM and we have together produced what seems to me a very interesting disk. In one sense, all of the music confronts Death, Love and Eternity; death of a beloved father in Funeral Canticle; Sappho’s exquisite longings for her love in Sappho: Lyrical Fragments; and Seferis showing his long Odyssean voyage on rotten timber to those islands slightly out of reach in Petra. And then, the mystery of Eternity: Blake’s words of St. Isaac the Syrian: ‘When we reach love, we have reached God; our road is ended and we have crossed to the Island which is beyond the world.’”


On this CD

  • Eternity’s Sunrise 

  • Song of the Angel 

  • Petra: A Ritual Dream 

  • Sappho: Lyrical fragments 

  • Funeral Canticle