Harpischord Concertos

Bach, JS (1685–1750)

About this album

JS Bach’s seven harpsichord concertos and the “triple” concerto BWV 1044 span the total range of baroque expression: from the tempestuous élan of BWV 1052, through to the joy and elation of BWV 1055. Richard Egarr and the Academy of Ancient Music, led by Andrew Manze, present these masterpieces in radically fresh, intimate reading charged with dramatic intensity.


On this CD

  • Concerto in D minor for harpsichord BWV1052

  • Concerto in F major for harpsichord BWV1057

  • Concerto in G minor for harpsichord BWV1058

  • Concerto in D major for harpsichord BWV1054

  • Concerto in E major for harpsichord BWV1053

  • Concerto in F minor for harpsichord BWV1056

  • Concerto in A major for harpsichord BWV1055

  • Concerto in A minor for flute, violin and harpsichord BWV1044

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