Solo sonatas Op.1

Handel, George Frideric (1685–1759)

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About this album

With its varied scoring and exploration of instrumental combinations sometimes reminiscent of the Brandenburg Concertos, this set of 12 sonatas has nothing of an opus 1 about it, whatever the title page says! On the contrary, it is the work of a mature Handel in full command of his compositional resources.


"The soloists here are stylish and imaginative. Decorations are a delight in slow movements; the Adagio from No. 8 (oboe) is positively dripping with them. The playing is highly expressive; Rachel Brown opens the Largo of No. 9, the weightiest of all the sonatas, with heart-rending pathos. Fast movements are so technically secure that they retain a sense of spaciousness, though there are sparkling moments of virtuosity."

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