Six Symphonies Wq182

Bach, CPE (1714-88)

Academy of Ancient Music

Christopher Hogwood harpsichord

Year: 1979
Catalogue: Decca 443 192 2

About this album

"The notion that balanced structures and elegant expression are the predominant features of most late 18th-century music is undermined by these wonderfully quirky String Symphonies in which CPE Bach continually surprises the listener with pregnant pauses and unpredictable modulations. Hogwood and the Academy of Ancient Music deliver suitably explosive performances, and while present-day period string playing may be more assured in execution, the occasional rough and ready passage actually suits this particular music."


On this CD

  • Symphony in G major Wq182 No.1

  • Symphony in B flat major Wq182 No.2

  • Symphony in C major Wq182 No.3

  • Symphony in A major Wq182 No.4

  • Symphony in B minor Wq182 No.5

  • Symphony in E major Wq182 No.6

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