Friday 30 September 2016

New release on AAM Records

We are delighted to unveil our fifth recording on AAM Records.  Dario Castello - Sonate Concertate In Stil Moderno, Libro Primo (AAM005) explores a revolutionary period of Italian music through the work of Dario Castello, a Venetian composer whose instrumental sonatas influenced generations of Italian composers.

Taking the form of a small chamber group, the AAM finds itself at its most adventurous and expressive, performing twelve fiercely virtuosic sonatas for violin, cornetto and dulcian that are full of imagination and colour.

“For the last 34 years I have been playing these amazing works, trying at every turn to bring them to the wider public. I cut my ‘baroque’ teeth with these sonatas and Castello’s work still remains some of my favourite music to play. The chance to record them with my fabulous partners from the AAM is really a dream come true.”  - Richard Egarr, AAM Music Director

The recording is released worldwide today, we hope you enjoy listening to this wonderful music as much as we have enjoyed putting this record together for you. 

Click here to find out more about the recording and to order your copy.