Saturday 24 June 2017 4.00pm

Monteverdi il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria at The Grange Festival

Event details

  • 4.00pm. The Grange Festival, Hampshire, UK

  • Paul Nilon Ulysse

  • Anna Bonitatibus Penelope


  • Monteverdi Il ritorno d'Ulysse in patria (1640)


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About this concert

We're thrilled to launch the inaugural production as Orchestra in Residence at The Grange Festival, with Monteverdi's thrilling intepretation of Ulysses' return to his homeland.

To mark the 450th anniversary of Monteverdi’s birth, the Grange Festival’s artistic director Michael Chance, stage director Tim Supple, and designer Sumant Jayakrishnan, join forces to create a visually arresting production of Monteverdi’s Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria.

The thrilling and deeply moving last episodes of Homer’s Odyssey form the story of Claudio Monteverdi’s last and most powerful opera. The weary but always wily Ulysses (Odysseus) is washed up on a rocky shore. It turns out to be his home island Ithaca. With the help of his guardian goddess, Minerva, his old shepherd, and his son, he plots and enacts the massacre of the hordes of greedy suitors besieging his wife Penelope and her court. Her constancy, determination and skill have helped fight them off for nearly twenty years. The final reconciliation of husband and wife are presented with heart-wringing majesty. This is musical drama writ immediate and visceral. An exotic sound world, memorable tunes, fast paced story-telling and dramatic intensity all worthy of Shakespeare make this opera truly great.