Saturday 11 March 2017 7.30pm

Jordi Savall directs

Event details

  • 7.30pm. Barbican Hall, UK

  • Jordi Savall director


  • Lully Alceste Suite (1674)

  • Marais Alcyone Suites No.1 and 4 (1706)

  • Handel Water Music Suites No.2 and 4 (1717)

  • Rameau Les Boréades Suite (1763)


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About this concert

Jordi Savall is a modern day Renaissance man.  Throughout his career he has been a pioneer in the performance of early music as a conductor, viol player, teacher and impresario.  Today he is regarded as one of the world's finest and most adventurous musicians.

His soundtracks to the film Tous les matins du monde is instantly recognisable and Savall has done more than most to bring baroque and classical music to a world-wide audience of millions.

Making his directorial debut with the AAM, Savall will lead a programme that features Handel's magnificent Water Music alongside dazzling dance music from French composers Lully, Marais and Rameau.

"Savall's interpretations are elegant, sensuous and surprising."  THE TIMES

"So much of this music is magical; it brings us to a higher dimension. Its purity and intensity touches the soul."  Read our interview with Jordi Savall

*Boréades, the posthumous work of Jean-Philippe Rameau, 1764 manuscript sources Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris Rés.Vmb MS4 and VM² 398 Copyright 1982, 1998 and 2001, Alain Villain, Paris