Wednesday 18 November 2015 7.30pm

Angels and saints

with Bojan Čičić

Event details

  • 7.30pm. West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge, UK


  • Vivaldi Concerto in F major "per la Solennitá di S Lorenzo"

  • Vejvanovsky Sonatas "Sancti Spiritus" and "Paschalis"

  • Vivaldi Sonata in E flat major "Sancto Sepolcro"

  • Leclair Concerto for violin in D major

  • Manfredini Concerti "Pastorale per il Santissimo Natale"

  • Biber Passacaglia for unaccompanied violin "Guardian Angel"

  • Vivaldi Concerto in E major "il Riposo per il S Natale"

  • Vivaldi Concerto for violin in D major "S Lingua di S Antonio di Padova"


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 Phone 01223 357851

About this concert

AAM principal second violinist Bojan Čičić directs an astonishing programme of music inspired by visions of spiritual beings and the promise of the after-life.

"It is striking how exclusive the Champions League of baroque violin remains ... Croatian Bojan Čičić stands on the threshold of that pantheon." THE STANDARD

From darkness to light

Both this programme and Music from the dark side (October 2015) will be preceded by a free, interdisciplinary panel curated by Prof Peter Hainsworth (University of Oxford) and featuring visual artist Monika Beisner.

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