Saturday 15 August 2015 7.00pm

Birth of the Symphony

at Esterházi Festivities

Event details

  • 7.00pm. Esterháza, Fertőd, Hungary


  • Handel Sinfonia from Saul (1738)

  • FX Richter Symphony No.4 in C major (1744)

  • Mozart Symphony No.1 in E flat major (1764)

  • JS Bach Sinfonia from Cantata No.42 (1718)

  • J Stamitz Sinfonia a 4 in D major (c.1750)

  • J Haydn Symphony No.49 in F minor "La passione" (1768)


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About this concert

Defining an eighteenth-century ‘symphony’ is nigh-on impossible, so diverse were the uses, structures and sizes of these works — from the sinfonias employed as introductions by JS Bach and Handel, to Haydn and Mozart’s self-contained classical symphonies.

But as well as paving the way for Beethoven and Mahler, this 50-year period of confusion and experimentation produced startlingly cutting-edge and dynamic music. Six composers, including the eight-year-old Mozart and the neglected Franz Richter, were at the centre of it all, and their symphonies course with the thrill of the new.