Friday 15 June 2018 1.00pm

BBC Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert

Event details

  • 1.00pm. LSO St Luke's, London, UK


  • Castello Sonata a 3 No. 10 from Libro Secondo

  • Castello Sonata a 2 No. 1 from Libro Primo

  • Merula Ciaccona, Op. 12 No. 20

  • Castello Sonata No. 1 for violin from Libro Secondo

  • M Rossi Toccata Settima for Harpsichord

  • Castello Sonata No. 2 for violin from Libro Secondo

  • Kapsperger Toccata and Ballo for Theorbo

  • Castello Sonata a 3 No.12 from Libro Secondo


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About this concert

Works by Dario Castello and his contemporaries. The final of four lunchtime concerts from LSO St Luke's.

Recorded for future broadcast on BBC Radio 3.