Saturday 02 September 2017 8.00pm

Chiltern Arts Festival - Launch concert

Event details

  • 8.00pm. All Saints Church, Marlow, UK

  • Rodolfo Richter director & violin

  • Ashley Solomon flute & recorder

  • Lucie Horsch recorder

  • Alastair Ross harpsichord


  • Bach J S Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D major BWV 1050

  • Telemann Concerto for Flute and Recorder in E minor

  • Telemann Overture-suite, 'Burlesque de Quixotte'

  • Bach J S Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G major BWV 1049


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About this concert

In this concert marking the 250th anniversary of Telemann’s death, soloists from the Academy of Ancient Music perform some of the greatest music by these joint pillars of the German baroque.

Though Telemann may now languish in the shadow of his contemporary and close friend JS Bach, during his lifetime Telemann was regarded as the far more talented composer. (Offered the position of Cantor at St Thomas’ Leipzig ahead of Bach, the authorities felt short-changed when Telemann turned them down and Bach was appointed). One of history's most prolific composers, Telemann's music was extremely popular and influential until the 19th century when his reputation fell into obscurity. Showcasing some of Telemann's finest works alongside two of bach's beloved Brandenburg concertos, here we give this wonderful composer equal billing with his more celebrated peer.

"Frankly exquisite string playing from the Academy of Ancient Music...brought an elegant freshness which was truly beautiful. The lithe, dynamic lines... positively gleamed with a tangible sense of fun... played with flourish and superb control." BACHTRACK