Monday 13 February 2017 7.30pm

Bach and the Italian Concerto

Event details

  • 7.30pm. West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge, UK

  • Free pre-concert talk at 6.30pm


  • JS Bach Concerto for oboe d'amore in D major (1738)

  • Vivaldi Concerto for violin in G minor (1729)

  • Albinoni Concerto for oboe in D minor (1722)

  • Vivaldi Concerto for two violins in A minor (1711)

  • JS Bach Italian Concerto (1735)

  • A. Marcello Concert for oboe in D minor (1716)


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About this concert

JS Bach was largely a self-taught composer and throughout his life he learnt by transcribing the music of his contemporaries.  As part of our exploration of JS Bach's music across the 2016-17 season, this programme brings together works by several of those he learnt from and admired including Albinoni, Vivaldi and A Marcello.

At the time of its composition, Bach's Italian Concerto was described as the most perfect example of a concerto for a single instrument by a contemporary critic and pays clear homage to Vivaldi.  The music for solo oboe in the programme shows how it came to be regarded as the jewek in the crown of a baroque orchestra with a sound that could hold its own against the more rowdy trumpet, but at the same time match the flexibility and sonority of the human voice.

"The piece that stands out for me as an oboist is the Marcello oboe concerto.  It's a piece EVERY oboist gets to play, and the 2nd movement is one of the most famous oboe tunes ever written.  Bach obviously fell in love with this piece, and his embellishments of the movement contributed vastly to its fame."  LARS HENRIKSSON, AAM PLAYER