Sunday 01 November 2015

Sound unbound

the Barbican classical weekender

Event details

  • Barbican Centre, London, UK


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 Phone 020 7638 8891

About this concert

This October the Barbican Centre stages one of its most ambitious projects yet, opening up the entire complex to sounds old and new.

Sound Unbound is a weekend festival that releases classical music from its traditional confines: you can tap into any of the short sessions in our Conservatory, foyers or concert halls, engage in debates around the genre, take a pint in and live tweet the concert, or go all night with a non-classical DJ set as well as the classical overnighter.

From the full force of a 100-piece symphony orchestra to intimate solo sets, the varied programme is curated to demonstrate music’s visceral and emotional power. But we’re also showcasing the work of some of the contemporary voices in the genre with the likes of Max Richter, Philip Glass and Steve Reich – and our expert hosts will be on hand to guide you through the programme.

So if you’re curious about classical, grab a drink, soak up the sounds and see where the music takes you. . .