Wednesday 18 February 2015 7.30pm

The Baroque Trumpet

with David Blackadder

Event details

  • 7.30pm. Milton Court Concert Hall, London, UK

  • 6.30pm Free AAM Explore pre-concert talk with musician and broadcaster Sandy Burnett


  • Bach Sinfonias from cantatas 29 (1731), 150 (c.1708) and 249 (1725)

  • Biber Sonata No.10 in G minor (1676)

  • Corelli Sonata a quattro (1699)

  • Vivaldi Concerto in C major for two trumpets (1742)

  • Telemann Concerto in D major for three trumpets (1716)


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About this concert

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the art of trumpet playing was dominated by a small number of fearless virtuoso performers. Exploiting the super-high “clarino” register, these flamboyant trailblazers secured lucrative jobs at Europe’s wealthiest courts, inspiring court and civic composers to write ever more astonishing music for them.

AAM principal David Blackadder directs a programme celebrating the power and glory of the baroque trumpet in works from across Europe.